Man putting his thumb up at the camera. The thumb and hand are in focus while the mans face and body are out of focus

Looking Good vs Feeling Good

It’s finally 2020!

Now we have a chance to hit reset on everything that happened last year and start a fresh. Everyone’s excited. Everyone’s motivated. Everyone’s ready for action.

January is when people flock into the gym; determined to get into the shape of their lives. But is getting into the shape of your life really the most important thing this year?

Yes, to look good is great, but what we don’t often pay attention to is how we feel inside. Now I’m no psychologist but I am experienced in mental health issues and I’m a huge advocate that being in good mental health is the most important component of a happy and healthy lifestyle.

So, coming into the new year, I’d love to share a few tips from very close to my heart on looking after your mental health.

Evaluate your relationships

Relationships don’t necessarily mean with your partner, it could mean with friends, family, colleagues or even just the local shopkeeper. My biggest tip for maintaining a good mental health is to eliminate negative relationships. In order to achieve your goals, you need support and empathy from the people around you. Now I’m not saying cut someone off just because they say something you don’t like, but just take a look at who you surround yourself with and remove the toxic people who drain your energy.

Don’t become lost in routine

Yes, being consistent and smashing your gym routine and diet is important, but if you allow this to take over your entire life, you’re going to start pushing people away. Yes, it’s great to be committed, but is it really worth isolating yourself?

Everyone is different

Low carb dieting. Someone you know says its great so it must be great! Right? Wrong. Just because someone has found it effective, doesn’t mean it will be the best thing for you. Different types of diets can have a huge effect on our mood, energy levels and temperament so if you’re finding the diet you are doing is affecting these things, its time for a change and make it truly responsive.