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Making Lasting Changes

Making Lasting Changes

Something I hear all the time is ‘Alex I’ve lost 10lbs on this amazing new diet’.

Something I hear from the same person a month or so later is ‘Alex, how come I’ve put 5lbs back on, what’s gone wrong’.

This is a classic example of how ‘fad’ diets work. They work amazingly for a few weeks but then as but then as soon as you stop you start piling the weight back on. These diets tend to be very extreme and hard to maintain.

So how exactly can we make short term changes lasting changes? To do this we must accept that change doesn’t happen overnight and that it is going to take time to make sustainable changes. So, what can we do?

Get Into A Good Exercise Routine

Here I give you an ultimatum. Is it better to hammer the gym 7 days a week for 3 weeks, hurt yourself and have to take 3 months off or is it better to consistently go 6 days a week for 6 months, allowing yourself adequate time to recover from your sessions. It doesn’t take a genius.

Cut Down Portion Sizes

Another Ultimatum then. Is it better to go on a super restrictive diet for 2 weeks, lose an unhealthy amount of weight (mostly water weight) and end up feeling that tired and energy-less that you cant do it anymore and you put all the weight back on or is it better to eat exactly how you do at the moment but with ¾ sized portions and consistently lose a few lbs each week. An example of this could be getting a small coffee instead of a medium.

Give Yourself Days Off

Not every day can be a better day than the day before. Sometimes our bodies cry out for a rest and if we don’t listen, we either burn out or get injured. Starting to feel tired all the time? Maybe its time for a day off.

These are just a few of the principles I encourage my clients to follow as part of any healthy eating and excercise plan. There are of course other methods that can help promote weight loss. Over the next few months I will be sharing more tips here to help you gain new levels of fitness and health.