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New Kid on the Block

It's never easy being a teen in an adults world. Awkwardness, shyness and confusion are just some of the common problems we all faced in your youth.

Many similar issues can be found in the world of fitness.

Where do you start?

Not the biggest. Not the broadest. Not the fittest. These 3 sentences describe 15 year old me. I've always been an avid football player and hence have always been athletically inclined, however resistance training proved to be a whole different ball park.

I've been involved in resistance training since I was 15 years old and getting started was the best decision I ever made. Joining a gym and beginning the pursuit of bettering myself has allowed me to become a happier, more confident individual and I can't imagine a life without it anymore. Once you become passionate about something it becomes a part of you, a part of your everyday life. You live it, you breathe it, heck like most things sometimes you even hate it; but you always come back to it. For me, that was the gym.

So you're young and enthusiastic. You're excited to begin your fitness journey but a little embarrassed and maybe even a little scared that you're not going to know what you're doing. You go on YouTube and spend hours watching workout videos, giving yourself an artillery of exercises to attack the gym with. It's your first day. You pull on your new gym-wear and enter the gym. Ready to start your workout and then... blank.

This is exactly what happened to me. It turns out each gym is different to the last and equipment doesn't look the same as in the videos. All of a sudden my artillery of exercises had become a cluster of words with little meaning attached. Principles I'd researched such as pyramid sets, dropsets and supersets went out the window and I was flummoxed. So I did what anyone in the gym, newcomer or veteran, should do; I asked for help. The rest, as they say, is history. I've gone from knowing nothing about fitness to pursuing a career in it over the short space of 3 years. That is why I'd like to share my top tips for anyone new into the fitness world.

Ask for help

I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am now without the help and guidance I received from everyone at Fitness Republic. There are no silly questions, so ask as many as you need to. Pick the brains of people such as myself who've been in your position and understand how you're feeling because everyone had to start somewhere. The more you ask, the more you'll learn and the more effective you'll be able to make your time in the gym.

Be Consistent

As a gym goer, consistency is key. Consistency gets results. The best way to become consistent in the gym is to make a schedule that fits you. Everyone is different and has different commitments. For some it will be fitting in the gym around studies and school. For others around a work and home life. Results do not come from one big gym session. Results come from consistently smashing your gym and diet plans week in week out. Results come with time.

Stick to the plan

All gym goers should have a program. Whether this is one you write yourself or one you ask a coach to write for you. Plan what you are going to work out on what days, plan when you're going to have your days off, plan what exercises you're going to do. Structure is the key to seeing the changes you want to see in your body.

A note to parents

Letting your children go to the gym can be daunting. You'll worry they're going to do the wrong things and not use proper technique. I understand this so if there are any parents worried about their children starting the gym, come see me for a free consultation and we'll find out a way I can help put your mind at ease.