A rough wooden table with the 2020 placed among them in large plastic letters

New Year, New You… Am I Right?

Low and Behold, its that time of year again; January, the month of fresh starts. After gauging ourselves on mince pies, turkey dinners and mulled wine, January presents a chance to forget all of that and start over. Hereby, the premise of a new year’s resolution is born.

So, you want to achieve something? Well why not set it as a new year’s resolution? By doing this, you’re almost sure to stick to it aren’t you? Well not really… But it was a nice thought! In fact, the NHS estimates that just 10% of people in the UK will stick to their new year’s resolution; with most giving up by mid-February.

So why is this you ask? How can I help myself stick to my resolution this year? The reason most new years resolutions crash and burn is because we like to put far too much pressure on ourselves! ‘I’m not going to drink alcohol all year’. ‘I’m going to lose 20st’. ‘I’m not going to eat any meat’. The list goes on but frankly, you probably know the sort of thing I’m getting at. But don’t fear, hope is not lost! Over the rest of this article I’m going to share with you a few of my top tips for creating and sticking to your resolutions.

Tip Number One – Have A Treat, You Deserve It

What do I mean by this? When we set ourselves a goal that can only be achieved after a full year (for example no alcohol all year) we often lose ourselves in the journey and don’t appreciate what we’ve achieved as a year still seems a very long way away. When setting realistic goals for the new year it is crucial to reward yourself every now and again for sticking to. But Alex, how can I do this? The way I like to do it is to set myself review points every month when I look at the progress I’ve made and reward myself as such. For example, don’t drink for all of January; reward yourself with a nice meal out. Don’t drink for all of February; why not buy yourself something you’ve been after? Using this system of reward helps keep you on track and keeps you motivated.

Tip Number Two – Aim to Create Habits And Take Off The Pressure

This is, in my opinion, the best advice I’ve ever been given when it comes to goal setting. Don’t put so much pressure on yourselves! If you want to set a weight loss goal, that can a very long journey that most people won’t be able to stay focused on. Why not create a good habit to enable you to achieve your goal. For example, instead of committing to losing a certain number of lbs, make your goal about just getting into the gym three times a week. By doing this you are working towards your goal, but without the added pressure. Not only will this help you work towards the end goal; it will also help keep your motivation high as you will constantly be reaffirming your own sense of achievement.

Tip Number Three – Break It Down

The final bit of wisdom I’m going to offer you is to break down your goals into smaller goals. This not only helps you stay motivated for longer; it also makes harder tasks seem a little less daunting. For example, say your goal is to lose 2 stone in the next twelve months. If this is your be all and end all, then every day you don’t achieve this you’re going to feel just a little less enthusiastic. However, if we break this down, 2 stone means you’d need to lose just 0.53lbs per week; not so terrifying all of a sudden? Breaking your goal down into small chunks helps simplify tasks and helps us create a belief that actually, we can do it!

So this year, try to implement a few of these tips and give yourself a real shot of sticking to your resolution. Lets make 2020 a year of achievement and self-betterment. Good Luck!