Legs in orange sports shoes walking upstairs

Getting and Staying Fit Outside the Gym

We often associate keeping fit with long gym sessions, lots of sweat and lots of jumping around but it really isn’t. Today’s charity run/walk & Cycle has proven that to me.

“Anything is better than nothing”. This saying rings true when it comes to fitness. If the gym isn’t for you then go for a run, go for a walk, go for a swim or go for a cycle. These are things that anyone can do regardless of finances, time or fitness level.

This is me at the charity event with my two dogs and of course my mum.

Don’t want to run? Then walk. Thinking you want to start the gym but just don’t have the time or commitment? Then why not just try going on a run once a week? It really is that easy. And once the ball is rolling it hard to stop. Are you going to get as much out of a run as a gym session? No. But is going for a run better than doing nothing? Absolutely.

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