Alex Standing In The Gym Holding Supplements

Should I Be Using Suppliments?

Suppliments are often promoted as a neccesary addition to a fitness plan. Of course, this promotion os often done by the very same people who make these suppliments so we do need to ask ourselves, do we really need suppliments at all? And if so, which ones will provide benefit?

Who NEEDS to take supplements?

No one. The simple answer is no one. There is not one athlete, gym goer, marathon runner or triathlete that needs to take supplements. A common misconception I hear is that some are essential. They are not. Yes they can be helpful but by no means can you achieve any less without them. One of my favourite quotes I’ve ever heard in the gym is ‘you’ll never get a bigger bench unless you get on the creatine broo’. This is a load of rubbish and a classic example of how supplements are seen by some as a necessity as opposed to an aid.

who COULD take supplements?

If used right, supplements are a great thing to incorporate into your diet and can help improve your sessions and your performance. But what supplements are there and who could use them?


This is a supplement I use daily as it’s a good way to increase the amount of protein you are consuming without having to pre-cook. I’de recommend this to anyone who struggles to get enough protein on a daily basis


Pre workout is another supplement that I use. It is something taken prior to exercise with a high dose of caffeine and other performance enhancing chemicals used to give energy. This is something to consider if you are finding you are becoming very very fatigued early in your sessions but is by no means a necessity for anyone.


This is a substance that helps our muscles produce more energy during heavy lifts and short intense bursts. When used right, this can help give small increases in strength and over time contribute to increased muscle mass. I’de recommend this to anyone looking to increase their strength in heavy lifts.


BCAAs refer to a group of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. These contribute to performance levels. I’de recommend these as an intra-workout drink to sip for any athlete, from gym goers to runners. Again however, they really do make just a slight difference and are not the be all and end all.


Suppliments are not a necessary aspect of building or maintaining strength and fitness. However, they can help support a well designed fitness regime. My own advise would be to try them when and of needed. For example, if you feel you aren't eating enough protein then adding whey powder to your diet is a simple way to get more protein in your body quickly and easily.

Like anything else in fitness, use suppliments wisely and don't go overboard and you should be fine.